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Digitizing the city is a top; says Executive Mayor Parks Tau
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Digitizing the city is a top; says Executive Mayor Parks Tau

Executive Mayor of city of Johannesburg Parks Tau said digitizing the city is a top priority to keep up with education and industrial needs. The mayor delivered his State of the City address in Braamfontein on Wednesday. He said in order to be a smart city, Johannesburg needs to embrace technologies such as smart meters, free public Wi-Fi and online education.


Tau said only half of the 4.8 million people living in Johannesburg have access to the internet, and he wants to change that. Many young adults don’t have a tertiary qualification, but with online courses and universities, this could become a problem of the past. The mayor said they’re going to increase public Wi-Fi spots across the city, and ensure the whole of Braamfontein has high-speed internet access for all residents.  He said this type of technology can be used for other sectors as well. “We're innovating to transform how we run the city for the 21st century.” Smart meters for residential households are also being rolled out, to ensure Johannesburg can avoid load shedding while the rest of the country experiences power cuts.


Realogile learners brings classes to a standstill

Realogile secondary School learners had yesterday morning brought classes to a standstill following their concerns of being informed to stop doing their fancy hairstyles and stick to short hairs.   They ran amok, emptied dustbins that have left the school premises messed up with garbage. The learners were seen this morning clearing up the mess. According to the National School Governing Body Chairperson, Kenneth Vickerman, the whole situation was alleged to be driven by Cosas that communicated with high school learners through social network, to disrupt classes. Vickerman told ALEX FM News that such disruptions reportedly started last at Minerva and Kwa-Bhekilanga while at Realogile and Eastbank happened yesterday. He says he will consult with Cosas leadership about the whole situation. Vickerman, however, stressed that learners should adhere to the schools' code of conduct while SGBs must ensure that both admission policy and code of conduct are well contained.
Message from Makondlo Mambirhi

As a traditional show we aim to keep our listener informed and entertained at the same time. To reach this objective we have packaged our show so that it encompasses developmental aspect i.e. business were we profile entrepreneurs. We also promote culture and tradition by hosting traditional leaders and elder who talk about our history as Africans. This helps to strengthen unity and humanity.


We promise to promote Xigaza (Tsonga music) be it gospel, hip hop and even RnB. We will continue to be a platform to showcase local talent by playing mostly music produced in Alexandra and giving these artists a platform to sell their music (interviews)


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